Matyunina Tatiana Vladimirovna. Kaluga-Kovdor. Spiritual Warrior

Матюнина Татьяна Владимировна, стихотворения

You – it's me, and I – it is you.

My name is Tanya. Life decreed so, that I live in the Arctic Circle, on the edge of the world.
It's very tempting, somewhere wild, and, the most important thing, inspiring. This is where my thoughts rest, when it comes to creativity. And that's fine. I will say, what before, in my youth I wrote poetry for songs, music, but everything stayed there, Where, where I am no longer. I understood, that it was just my unformed impulses. It was nice, and many liked, but I wanted more.

Our life is so endless, and so short. Sometimes it can fit in the palm of your hand, and sometimes the world is not enough. And everyone is happy in his, personally for his life. It's so funny, because everything funny breathes. Our perception, our vision of natural beauty, everything is very important and inspires. We are all interconnected and produce a long chain of sensations.. I want to present my view, your feelings, and your world for everyone, maybe, and yours.

Now, having come a long way for myself, having lived many fortunes, passions and obstacles, I wanted to breathe, just.. to breathe, and nothing came to me, Besides, to write. Write, and in this form. In the end, I realized, what life, it's mine, it's a huge world in a small palm, and there are many wonderful things, what can you learn for yourself, in some moment. It's like a magician's hat, any hare can run out of)), and it will be amazing.
Be happy, everyone in their own way. ❤

Матюнина Татьяна Владимировна. Калуга-Ковдор. Духовный воин

My poems, have no names.
They are not conditioned.
They simply, as a dialogue of life with you.

Осень. Ковдор. фото Т. Матюниной
Autumn. Kovdor. photo T. Matyunina.

You know, how it happens..
You know, when the ice melts –
nothing is terrible in a vicious hour..
You don't think anything – live now.
After all, you are now and nothing bothers you.
Why swim somewhere, coming up with a way.
After all, now in your chambers
No one can shine with their stupidity.
You know, be – does not mean to act.
A certain time is given to everyone, to understand
That segment of the present, so as not to drift.
And no one can take it away.

November 2020

I like weightlessness,
When you live or not.
I like someone's taunt,
What can exclaim in response.!?!.
I like, that we are all alive
And looking for a dull answer.
I like, that we are sad
That we all give a shit about advice.
I like, that we are poor.
I like… A little something – at once “Not!..”
I like, that immediately syllables.
I like, in this answer.
Ludicrous, merciless, donated,
And we want to curse.
I like your “slaughter”.
Why do we reprimand Mother again?..!
I like, what are so diligent,
In a blazing realm of grief.
I like that, that you are generous
For a moment, just trying, capturing..
You are ready to give all the generosity,
Unaware of fear and lies,
As if you are eating again
That little in the greatness of guilt.


Ковдор, сентябрь 2020. ПОэзия Матюнина Т.
Kovdor, September 2020.


I thought so, that I want to live alone.
Yes, just not my man..
I thought, that I can live breathing,
But one – not my priority.

I really wanted to live,
Without passing friends,
Don't take yourself to lie, be,
And again a lot of problems.

I'm just not there, where I want.
I'm just not that, what i am.
Not that, what am I doing here.
Knowing no honor, no flattery.

You know, delirium is so ridiculous,
But in him there is pain and evil.
It contains the sincerity of our shoulder straps,
That we achieved in jest.

I know, that there is no better.
Only then, what is jarring in the chest –
That feeling, which in revenge
Gnaw us, and beats locked up.

Spit, and why do we live?!
Trying to overcome myself.
For good, or with this sense
One day we will drag.

Like before, like the speed of nights
Will you spit on yourself or Not?..?
After all, only that is true, what live,
Only here and now is the answer in us.

Ковдор, Мурманская обл. Поэзия Матюнина Т.


We rejoice, because we love.
We are folding, because we know.
We believe in miracles, because we believe.
We are callous, because may
Our dream, our inviolability.
Keeping in my soul, we believe again
Into it. Do not be ashamed amid swear words,
And then, what is!.., and no other foundations.
We know, that sometimes the past
Will want to repay us now
That thought, business, disgust and pain,
But we dare not match this.
Because we are alive, alive, and so flattering
Your own life, we are just as clean,
Without doing anything. We are so carrying “chambers”,
Bending over, elevating the falsity of that spark.
We know the truth,.. But the hour is so deadly.
We know lies, but we are stuffed to death.
Dumb now, but someone is sleeping in us..
Let's not mumble, we are completely killed.
You know? – but rather not –
That beats so sadly overnight..
Not that, Not this, and not light..
And that, that we are foolishly losing our happiness.

Матюнина Татьяна Владимировна. Калуга-Ковдор. Духовный воин
Kovdor, Murmansk region.

We live like this – as usual.
We live like this? forgetting about personal. And maybe we know,
Why are we fading away..
I can feel your cold this way,
That does not lend itself to oblivion.
I don't want to see it again,
And I feed again, sick..
Why should this become? We are looking for her.
Why do we believe in pain, torturing
Himself, still burning alone,
Still, without leaving, in an instant, leaving…
To please yourself, thoughts, celebrations
Perhaps for later
Loving and rejoicing, what do you have.
And who.., keeping your sweetness, dying
From life, what not to overcome..
Smiles and rejoices, in spite of
To love, without knowing, How can I help you.
By giving away, remnants of paradise.
What are we? We can and exclaim!
Who said, that we are all immortal?
And all, loving, may arise,
Leaving a part of myself, fading everywhere.
For a while, to being thoughtless.
And we have the right to think so.
We don't know, how can we listen
That feeling, what makes you believe.

I feel now,
That the old life is dying.
So slow in thought
It flows away.
All the old pain,
Pouring out of me,
Pinches me
And saying goodbye to me.
I felt so sad
And so the end is heard,
What all, won back
The last plot.
Privately, everything in me,
Only a thirst for silence.
How was not, farce, all
From the outside feel.

How quiet it is
Carries my life.
All phrases, the answers
Throws out a moment.
And all over and over again
Pass like a dream
All shots, behind the eye
Saying goodbye to me.

I am moved, when I look at you.
Sometimes I repent, what was done in vain.
For the sake of thought or again being.
And all love is not in numbers.
Again we were, and we are not here.
Forgotten again and match again.
Again we can, and pass again.
Happened again, and no, out of suit.
You are an angel, what to look for
You are a wormhole – can't take.
All that past, in a hurry to lie?
No, more we will lie.
Lie to yourself, for what, we do not know.
But you sleep, and will be paradise
Our whole life, that stirs dreams
And not in lies, but in the pure it judges.
We will live, and death is given.
What about us? We all have to
Live sparingly again on the bed
And again in the dirt, looking for good ones.


I feel now,
That the old life is dying.
So slow in thought
It flows away.
All the old pain
Pouring out of me,
Pinches me,
And saying goodbye to me.
I felt so sad,
And so the end is heard,
That all played out
The last plot.
Private everything in me –
Only a thirst for silence.
How was not… farce everything –
From the outside feel.

How quiet it is
Carries my life.
All phrases, the answers
Throws out a moment.
And all over and over again
Pass, like a dream,
All frames behind the eye
Saying goodbye to me.

Матюнина Татьяна Владимировна. Калуга-Ковдор. Духовный воин

Let's make everyone happy
Invisible sleep.
Lovely and sweet
Smile smitten.
Ridiculous sorrows
Leave for a moment.
After all, we are all by conscience
We know the cry.
And life will be joyful,
Like a mother, not rejoicing
Amuse the child.
And yet we are peaceful,
Seeing no offense,
Beautiful, strong –
Divine face.
Tired, wise
We paint all our life
We are sleeping, and we are wonderful
Forgetting evil.

Moscow ensemble “Cossack circle”

Московский ансамбль "Казачий круг"

Основателем фольклорного ансамбля “Cossack circle” является Владимир Скунцев. Создан он в Москве в конце 90-х годов 20 in. Участники коллектива максимально точно стараются передать традиции исполнения казачьих песен. В их репертуаре порядка 300 песен всех видов казачьих войск.
Владимир Скунцев
Владимир Скунцев
Московский ансамбль "Казачий круг"

Воронежский ансамбльВоля

участницы ансамбля "Воля"

АнсамбльВолявозник в далеком 1989 году при кафедре этномузыкологии Воронежской государственной академии искусств. В состав ансамбля входят, как преподаватели, так и студенты академии. Заведует коллективом профессор кафедры этномузыкологии Сысоева Галина Яковлевна.
Сысоева Г. Я.
Сысоева Г. I AM.

Участники ансамбля своими силами записывали и расшифровывали материал, собранный в Воронежской и Белгородской областях, с учетом диалектов и тембральных особенностей тех мест.

Сысоева Галина Яковлевна, "Воля"

По подбору голосов и характеру их использования представляемый коллектив соответсвует бытующим в южнорусских областях чисто народнымпоющим избам” and “крестьянским артелям”. Это проявляется, in particular, в рассечении голосов на нижнегрудной и верхнеголовной регистры и сохранении их тесситуры при исполнении конкретной песни. Отсюда сравнительно небольшой диапазон каждой партии (исключения редки) с преимущественным использованием природногосреднеготона певцов, выявляемого и в разговорной речи. Регионально характерным является также звучание в одном регистре женских и мужских голосов, яркая эмоциональность исполнения, тембрально насыщенное зычное звучание, изощренно сложное гетерофонное сплетение мелодических линий.

этнический ансамбль "Воля", г. Воронеж