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Victor Borisov-Musatov (1870-1905), Saratov-Tarusa

Борисов-Мусатов В.
1. Borisov-Musatov, year and place of birth of the artist, a family
Борисов-Мусатов В. Э. Окно. 1886
Borisov-Musatov V. E. Window. 1886

Victor Elpidiforovich Musatov is born 2 april 1870 years in Saratov. Parents, former serfs, belonged to the bourgeois class. Until the age of three, Victor was a healthy child, but one day he unsuccessfully fell on his back and seriously injured his spine. Since then, his hump began to grow and health problems haunted Victor for the rest of his life.. The artist himself stoically experienced difficulties and never complained about his unfair fate..

2. Education
Борисов-Мусатов В. Э., Девушка с агавой. 1897
Borisov-Musatov V. E., Girl with agave. 1897

IN 14 years old Viktor Musatov was sent to study at a real school. It soon became apparent, that the boy's lack of inclination for the exact sciences is compensated by success in drawing. Artists-teachers advised Vitya's parents to pay attention to this and develop the boy's talent as much as possible.

Борисов-Мусатов В. Э. Агава. 1897
Borisov-Musatov V. E. Agave. Etude. 1897

In 1890, Musatov went to Moscow. There he entered the Moscow School of Painting., sculpture and architecture, however, did not stay in it for long. The next year, the young man transferred to the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts.. It was during this period that a young artist named Borisov-Musatov appeared in Russia.. Victor added a second to his last name, formed on behalf of grandfather Boris.

IN 1895 Borisov-Musatov joined the ranks “Union of Artists of Russia”, after which he went to Paris, to gain new experience from European painting masters. Total, he spent three years abroad, coming home from time to time, to Saratov. This period includes his works in the spirit of the French impressionists.: “Girl with agave”, “Agave”, “Boy near a broken jug”.

3. The photo

During the Parisian period of his life, Borisov-Musatov became interested in photography. He bought a camera “Kodak” and consistently mastered a new kind of creativity for himself. Recorded episodes, impression, the artist later used ideas in his work on paintings.

4. The peak of Borisov-Musatov's creativity
Виктор Борисов-Мусатов (1870-1905), Саратов-Таруса

IN 1989 year the artist returned to his homeland, but chose not to live in the capital, and at home, in Saratov. Meanwhile, over the years of Borisov-Musatov's absence in Russian culture, symbolism has strengthened its position. In the artistic environment, M. Vrubel and V. Serov, whose names were authoritative for the young artist.

IN 1898 year Borisov-Musatov paints a picture “Self-portrait with sister”, on which the image of a brooding girl first appeared, “Musat girl”, he will turn to him more than once.

Борисов-Мусатов В., осенний мотив. 1899
Borisov-Musatov V., autumn motive. 1899

Further, inspired by trips to the Sleptsovka estate, which is not far from Saratov, the artist creates a number of works: "Autumn motive", "Motive without words" and "Harmony". They depict lyrical episodes of noble life 18 century.

Borisov-Musatov was greatly impressed by the trip to 1901 year in the estate Zubrilovka, which belonged to the princes Golitsyn. Having the end 18 century gradually fell into decay, his master was rarely here. Then the artist sensitively caught the atmosphere of the change of eras., coming changes, when it seems, that nothing changes. Impressed by what he saw, he creates a picture “Tapestry”. The work was exhibited at the IX exhibition of the Moscow Association of Artists, and the author received an honorable mention for it.

Борисов-Мусатов В. Э., Гобелен. 1901
Borisov-Musatov V. E., Tapestry. 1901
5. Three important pictures

However, contemporaries recognized another painting by Borisov-Musatov as a masterpiece -“Water”. It was written by him in 1902 year also in Zubrilovka. The ladies depicted on the canvas are the artist's sister, Helen, and his bride Elena Alexandrova.

Борисов-Мусатов В. Э. У водоема. 1902
Borisov-Musatov V. E. By the reservoir. 1902

Result 1903 of the year – paintings "Walk at Sunset" and "Ghosts". Their mood can be described as nostalgia for the past..

Борисов-Мусатов В. Э., Призраки. 1903
Borisov-Musatov V. E., Ghosts. 1903

1904 year – “Emerald necklace”. Against the background of bright vegetation – ladies in outfits of a bygone era. Now we can confidently say, that three pictures of Borisov-Musatov – “Tapestry”, “Water” and “Emerald necklace” – outlined the course of development of Russian symbolism in painting.

Виктор Борисов-Мусатов (1870-1905), Саратов-Таруса
6. last years of life
Борисов-Мусатов В. Э., Автопортрет, до 1905 г.
Borisov-Musatov V. E., Self-portrait, to 1905 g.

The artist Viktor Borisov-Musatov died suddenly in 1905 year in Tarusa, where did you move to 1903 year. At that time, he had only 35 years old. In the last years of his life, he created a number of works such as “On the balcony. Tarusa », "Hazel bush", "Autumn Song", "Spring Tale", "Summer Melody", "Autumn Evening" and "The Dream of a Divine", which will forever go down in the history of Russian and world painting. In France he was recognized as a member of the National Society of Fine Arts.

Борисов-Мусатов В. Э., Куст орешника. 1905
Borisov-Musatov V. E., Hazel bush. 1905
Борисов-Мусатов В. Э., Девушка освещенная солнцем. Этюд. 1897
Borisov-Musatov V. E., Girl lit by the sun. Etude. 1897
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Виктор Борисов-Мусатов (1870-1905), Саратов-Таруса

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