Paintings by Russian artists 1893 of the year

Nikolai Ge: 9 interesting information about the artist

Художник Николай Ге
1. Nikolai Ge, origin, geography of the artist's residence

Nikolay Nikolayevich Ge was born in Voronezh, in 1831 year in a noble family. There were people from France in the Ge family, hence the non-Russian surname. Nikolai was left without a mother early, his nanny replaced her. Aged 5 years old, the future artist was transported by his father to Kiev. IN 26 years Ge left for Europe and lived there for a long time, spending a lot of time on work. IN 38 years Ge and his family returned to Russia, to the city of Petersburg, which he, However, six years later he left and moved to the Chernihiv region, to the Ivanovsky farm, that not far from Pliska railway station.
Рассвет. Хутор Ивановский
Dawn. Khutor “Ivanovsky”. Etude
2. Education

IN 1847 year, at the insistence of his father, Ge entered the Physics and Mathematics Department of the Philosophy Faculty of Kiev University. However, in 1850, leaving the university, he enters the Imperial Academy of Arts, what's in St. Petersburg.

After seven years of diligent study in 1857 year for the work "Saul at the Endor Sorceress" Ge received the Great Gold Medal. This kind of award was given to the best students. Such recognition by academicians allowed the artist to go abroad to hone his skills at the expense of an educational institution for a period of six years. In Europe, Nikolai Nikolaevich and Anna Petrovna will have two sons – Nikolay and Peter.

картина Ге, Аэндорская волшебница вызывает тень Самуила
The Endor Sorceress Summons Samuel's Shadow, 1856
3. Second half, dating history

In January 1855 Ge meets his future wife Anna Petrovna Zabello. Background: while studying at the IAH, Nikolai Nikolaevich shared an apartment with a student sculptor, and also just a good friend, Parmen Zabello. The latter often received letters from his sister Anna, and somehow Ge happened to read one of these letters from a girl to his brother, after which he finally got carried away by a stranger. After some time, Ge decided, that no girl except Anna will become his wife. And so it happened, in 1856 25-year-old Ge married 24-year-old Anna Petrovna Zabello.
Супруга художника Ге
Anna Petrovna Ge (Zabello)
4. Confession

Abroad Nikolay Nikolaevich, basically, is engaged in landscape painting, because. paintings of this kind were in demand and made a profit. But the artist, Meanwhile, is already hatching an idea of ​​a large-scale nature, which will then be embodied in the painting "The Last Supper" (1863). Built in contrast, the plot depicts a conflict between two personalities: Christ and Judas.

Nikolay Ge in his work, portraying Christ, ventured to deviate from iconographic traditions, giving its appearance the features of an earthly man. The appearance of the picture coincided with the publication of the book by Joseph Ernest Renan "The Life of Jesus". A new look at the image of Christ as the son of man then made a splash among the public.. And Ge's painting became a visual addition to the new worldview.. For the painting "The Last Supper" Nikolay Ge received the title of professor of the Academy of Arts, bypassing the title of academician.

Картина Ге, "Тайная вечеря"
Last supper, 1886
5. Ge's spiritual and creative quest. Passion cycle

IN 1867 year Ge paints the painting "Messengers of the Resurrection", who did not find their audience.
картина Ге, Вестники Воскресения,1867
Resurrection Heralds,1867

1869 year – year of creation of the work "In the Garden of Gethsemane", also criticized for "ineptitude", this is how critics substantiated the expressive manner of the artist.
В Гефсиманском саду, картина Ге.
In the Garden of Gethsemane,1869

Ge devoted his last years to the creation of "The Passion Cycle". The cycle includes the following canvases: "Conscience. Judas" (1891), “The Sanhedrin Court. "He is guilty of death!”» (1892), "Crucifixion" (1892), "Calvary" (1893). All these pictures, once scattered in different museums, finally, collected in a single exhibition.
Ге н, Совесть. Иуда. 1891
Ge n, Conscience. Judas. 1891
Ге Н. Суд синедриона. “Повинен смерти! 1892
Ge N. Sanhedrin Court. "He is guilty of death! 1892
Николай Ге: 9 интересных сведений о художнике
Ge N. Crucifixion, 1892
Ге Н. Голгофа, 1893
Ge N. Calvary, 1893
Христос с учениками входит в Гефсиманский сад, Ге
Christ with his disciples enters the Garden of Gethsemane, 1888

Not so long ago, the Tretyakov Gallery acquired overseas 50 Figures H. Ge. They once belonged to the artist's son, but after his death were considered missing. Everything was decided by chance: one day, it was in the 1950s, at a flea market in Switzerland, an architect acquired sketches that were not interesting to anyone. They turned out to be sketches for paintings from "The Passionate Cycle", by which we can now trace, how the images were formed, how the composition was planned.
6. Tolstoy's influence

In January 1882 Ge reads the article by L. N. Tolstoy “About the census in Moscow”, after reading which "from a pagan turns into a Christian". From this moment, a new period in Ge's life begins., strongly corrected by the religious and moral ideas of Tolstoy. Artist, like a writer, now strives for simple, ascetic, way of life. He becomes a vegetarian, quit smoking, physically working with the peasants, breeds bees. Ge also mastered the laying of stoves., and then he willingly showed this skill in peasant huts.
Николай Ге на пасеке
1891 of the year, NN. Ge na paseke na khutore Ivanovskom
7. Troubled relatives

Daughter of older brother N. N. Ge, Zoya, belonged to a revolutionary circle, what was arrested for. Nikolai Nikolaevich took her on bail. Thanks to the efforts of L. N. Tolstoy, managed to replace the threatened exile to Siberia with administrative deportation to the Chernigov province, on the farm to my uncle, famous artist.
Зоя Ге
8. Scandalous painting of Ge

Fact 7. In 1890. by order of the mayor of St. Petersburg Gresser P. AND. picture N. N. Ge “What is truth?” Christ and Pilate removed from the 18th TPHV, there was a ban on its exposition in other Russian cities. Thanks to the participation of L. N. Tolstoy, the canvas is bought by Tretyakov P. M. The ban will be lifted in a few years.
Что есть истина? Христос и Пилат, Ге.
What is truth? Christ and Pilate, 1890
9. Sunset

Ge died in 1894 year (63 of the year), leaving behind a rich legacy, which laid the foundation for a realistic direction in art on religious themes.
дом художника Ге на хуторе Ивановском
House H. N. Ge on the farm Ivanovsky
Картина Ге, Аллея в старом парке,
Alley in the old park, 1893
Вид из Санто-Теренцо на Леричи ночью, Ге.
View from Santo Terenzo to Lerici at night. Etude. 1860-is
Залив в Вико, картина Ге.
Bay at Vico near Naples. Etude, 1858
картина Ге, “Петр I допрашивает царевича Алексея в Петергофе”,
"Peter I interrogates Tsarevich Alexei in Peterhof", 1871
А. С. Пушкин в селе Михайловском, Ге
AND. FROM. Pushkin in the village of Mikhailovsky, 1875
Ге Н. Портрет М.П.Свет. 1891.
Ge N. Portrait of M.P. Svet. 1891.
Портрет писателя Льва Николаевича Толстого,картина Ге
Portrait of the writer Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy, 1884
Ге Н. Портрет М.Л.Толстой, дочери писателя. 1891
Ge N. Portrait of M.L. Tolstoy, daughters of the writer. 1891
Лейла и Хаджи Абрек. Ге
Leila and Haji Abrek. 1852.

Woman with a book in Russian painting

A woman with a book in Russian painting is represented by the following artists:
Женщина за книгой в русской живописи.
Коровин К. А. Портрет артистки Татьяны Спиридоновны Любатович, 1880
Korovin K. AND. Portrait of the artist Tatyana Spiridonovna Lyubatovich, 1880 year.
Позднеев Н. Летом за чтением. 1959
Pozdneev, N. Reading in the summer. 1959
Крамской И. Н., За чтением, 1863 год., женщина с книгой на картинах художников
Kramskoy I. N., Reading, 1863 year.
Харламов Алексей, девушка с книгой
Kharlamov A. AND.
Галкин Илья
Galkin Ilya
Харламов А. девушка читает лежа
Kharlamov A. AND. The artist and his model. 1875
Ге Н. Н. Портрет Натальи Ивановны Петрункевич, женщина с книгой на картинах
Ge N. N. Portrait of Natalia Ivanovna Petrunkevich, 1892 g.
Маковский, Портрет жены художника, женщина с книгой
Makovsky K., Portrait of the artist's wife, 1887